The great casino software is the forefront of your favorite casino games!

The software is one of the main reasons that online casinos are becoming more and more popular since 1994. The first major factor which enabled the creation of online casinos is the software. However, gambling software has been around since the 1970s, and was used in a land-based casinos only. Back then the state of the computer was not at the desirable degree.

Furthermore, the average family computer did not have the processing power to create an earlier possibility of online casinos.

Software is the major factor in creation of an online casino

Nowadays, technology has come a long way from its infant years and become more advanced. Even the modest personal computer is capable of making millions of calculations per minute. And as fast as technology becomes more advanced it also becomes more affordable.

Another great deal of technology that boosted online casinos and developing software to run them was the introduction of the central nodal server. In simple terms, this would allow the casino software and the host computer to enable a two-way communication.

And to finalize the birth of online casinos the passing of the “Free Trade & Processing Act” was passed in the Caribbean which resulted in the creation of a regulatory body leading to a huge surge of investment and interest towards the opportunity of creating an online casino. The first actual online casino was opened with a list of software providers created by Microgaming.

So is there a top software company or the game experience is same with all

Some casino companies may use only one software provider for their business needs. Others, for example, are not following this approach as they would like their casino software reviews to be more selective and mixed with features from all the gambling specter. With this method, the software would include some slots from NetEnt, some from Playtech and their live games for example poker and roulette to be deployed by Microgaming. This is a perfect marriage both for the casino and the customer.

White label offerings are introduced to online casino operators who would enable them to choose the branding, and the casino software would be tweaked as the operator would like. Simple things like the color of the cloth on the poker table are vital for any software review to able to compete for the public love. Predominantly software companies do not run a casino. This is an excellent way for them to focus on making quality software offerings and for that matter houses like Playtech are always making 50 games per year.

Another great deal for the customer is progressive jackpots can span over multiple sites thus making the extent of the prize to massive quantities. Of course with so many casino software providers similarities with different casinos will occur having, for example, a similar gaming portfolio. However, casinos are acutely aware of this topic so to attract players to their platform competitive bonus schemes would be introduced as well as large jackpot options.

Let us introduce you to the highly respected software providers on the market

Playtech is one of the best casino software providersFounded in 1999 featuring a huge selection of over 500 casinos, poker, and sportsbook games as well, Playtech is on of the best and respected list of casino software providers in the gambling world. Their portfolio has grown even bigger since Playtech acquired Ash Gaming.

Microgaming is one of the first casino software companiesMicrogaming is one of the first casino software companies to begin to pave the way for online casinos back in 1994. Since then they have not only created 750 unique and enjoyable games they have furthermore made over 1200 variations of these games to ensure that the gambling experience for the customer remains as high as possible.

NetEnt is famous for their high quality table gamesNetEnt is most famous for its 40 high-quality table games. Founded four years shortly after Microgamingg in 1996, NetEnt was one of the few back then to deploy high-quality software for the newly emerging market.

These top online casino software providers have done the best to make sure they have signed the biggest names in films, tv shows, and mainstream entertainment so that the companies can make themed games for the taste of literally anybody. Many of the games can be played in practice mode so if you have not decided to deposit cash and play for real money you still can enjoy a remarkable game from the list of software game catalog.

Some lesser known software providers that are producing thrilling and addictive casino games

Boos Media is the first provider to build own casinoBoss Media has been in the gambling world for more than ten years and since then has created its name for being the first to build and operate their own casino and gaming portal. They left the idea of maintaining a local casino and focused on offering the so-called “white label” casino software deals to buyers. Boss Media has been able to place the experience it had in the years of maintaining casino to good use producing a vast range of products for casinos and customers. The only downside of Boss Media production is a slow gameplay at times.

Novomatic create online and land-based casino softwareNovomatic is probably the least known list of casino software providers, but they are a huge company with an annual revenue of over £2.7 billion. They specialize not only in creating excellent online software games but even manufacturing real physical slot machine most of them used in pubs, clubs, and land-based casinos. Their operational number is over 230 000 devices out in the real world.

Cryptologic create William Hill's online casinoCryptologic has does not have significant leggings having being founded in a basement of one Andrew Rivkin and Mark Rivkin’s house in Toronto, Canada in 1995. However, they partnered up with one of the biggest online casinos, which at that times was the only land-based one. Since the partnership, Cryptologic made William Hill from a brick-and-mortar casino to an online one.

Chartwell used to provide software for BetfairChartwell is next on the list and once in its history provided software for the giant Betfair. However when the partnership ended back in 2010 so and Chartwell had fallen, and no one knows when we will be seeing something big again from them. Their gaming software can be described as average, and Chartwell games tend to be flash-based.

Gale Wind is a small casino software developerGale Wind is a small software developer only to be seen in a couple of obscure casinos. They use flash as their game engine and while they are a small company the quality of the casino software they are offering is above the average standards. The most popular casino games are missing from their lineup for some strange and a couple of unique game to take place in their catalog. The condition of slot games is bellow average, and the choice of video poker is highly limited.

Real Time Gaming casino software quality is generally above averageReal Time Gaming was established back in 1998 and was taken over in 2007 by Hastings International. When in 2004 a customer won over $1 million while playing Caribbean 21 at Hampton Casino, Real Time Gambling hit the headlines. The same player won $100 000 at Delano casino which was also a Real Time Gambling software powered as well. Eventually, the player was accused of using an automated playing program to cheat at the casino. The game quality the software company provides is generally above average but does not meet the high standards big business have placed already.

Rival is best to know for the speed of their casino softwareRival is best to know for the speed their games execute. Particularly in a game of blackjack, a good player can complete a bad card action in a short period. Rival are offering exclusive games only found in their portfolio, and overall the game experience is up to a high standard. Payout levels are quite high and are can be compared to the some of the bigger companies on the market.

Can the usage of bots be profitable and what does game providers think about them

Surely you have seen on the Internet some words mentioning “bots” that with their super mathematical powers would help you out in the gambling world. The software states that it will play all the games in the casino software reviews catalog automatically while you just sit back and wait for the time you have become a millionaire. Sounds great, but let’s do a reality check on that.

Casino Bot is a software that automates the process of playing online casino games‘Bot’ or a robot is a piece of software that automates the process of playing certain online casino games, and since humans are well known for making mistakes, the offered bot would not be intimidated by emotions and the pressure of winning or losing. In simple terms a super gambling Terminator for advancing your chances of creating a big bank account. In poker, a robot would be able to see trough a player and learn the gaming patterns one uses such as bluffs, raises and folds during the game. The casino robot would be the ultimate gambling machine as it never tires, never gets angry and cannot experience the frustration of an adrenalin rush.

However, top online casino software providers have forbidden the use of these so-called ‘bots’ in the majority of casino sites worldwide. If you feel adventurous and get caught using these robots not only you will lose your earnings. Moreover, you can lose your deposit as well for putting yourself in fraudulent activities. Many stories are circulating on the Internet of players installing this casino software which eventually would contain malware attack to their machines and what it does is sending personal information to criminals who are using it to commit identity theft. Having said that in our mind, it is not worth the risk.

The possibilities are great thanks to the companies providing excellent casino software

Top online casino software providers will give you the ability to play online casino games in the browser. This is one of the favorite ways players enjoy to gamble online. However, a casino software download is not always a bad thing to consider. Some of the games offered on a casino software are available through download client only, and this is for a couple of reasons such as detection of your broadband internet speed guaranteeing you the best performance which is depending on your connection.

Another thing that download clients are useful is when a game has a large file size and what the download client would do is to get all the files as fast as possible and even offer a background option which will make playing the game quicker.It is not always necessary to download a special casino software. Most games are adaptive to HTML 5 technology which will enable you to play an optimized version of the casino software giving you the best gaming experience.Downloading casino software is free. Again it is not a force to be reckoned with as you can opt for a desktop version of the casino. One thing is for sure download a dedicated casino software reviews or playing in through your browser would not cost you anything.

Another thing to know about when it come to casino software is that there is no best software out there. It is all down to personal preference and the games you would like to play. As we mentioned in the text above many providers are picking games from different casino software companies mixing the great things from all the gaming worlds. Therefore, it is not that hard to see the same titles at various casinos.

With all that being said you can too enjoy the great possibilities top online casino software providers are offering to players all around the world. With themed games, you will find your best spot while enjoying yourself at the online casino. Give it a shot and good luck.