Best online casino payment methods you can use for safe and secure gambling

When you do some research and find the best gambling place for you, it is time to consider the online casino payment methods offered to make online casino deposit funding your account. In this article, we will dive into some of the best and most importantly reliable best casino payment options while transferring your money towards the casino. Also, we will be giving you some neat tips to ensure your time at the casino is safe, reliable and most importantly enjoyable.

Which are the most used casino payment methods?

We will go trough the differences between a credit card and a debit one and how your online casino payment methods can influence your personal finance. Security as well will be covered giving you some pointer on keeping your personal details safe from unwanted eyes.

The most popular payment methods

Choosing a reliable casino is a good way to jump start your gambling endeavor and to feel confident you will be experiencing as much fun as possible. The best online casinos will not only offer a great variety of casino games and many bonus opportunities, but they will also be giving you the option for an extensive list of online casino payment methods that would best suit your needs and great online casino withdraw methods.

Visa & Mastercard are the most popular casino payment methodsIn contrast to what most of the people would suggest, Visa and MasterCard are similar and they are not technically credit cards, they are more like payment processing networks. These systems will process the debit or credit card verifying the information with the card issuer who gave you the cards. After the verification is over the network would either accept or decline the transaction if the user has the sufficient fund to complete the transaction. Networks like the above mentioned are making their money out of the processing fees they are issuing for their services.

In essence, every time you are using your credit or debit card online or using in the physical world your payment method connects to your bank’s card department for verification. So when you are willing to place a deposit at an online casino, your online casino payment methods service provider will automatically contact the bank issued your card to see whether there are sufficient funds to complete the process of making online casino deposit. After you have done some playing and won extra money look for online casino withdraw methods to wire some of the money you have won to your bank account.

The meaning of credit and debit cards

In simple words when you use your debit card the sum you deposit at the casino would be deducted from your bank account. Whereas playing at the casino with a credit card essentially you are borrowing an amount of money which you do not possess and will have to pay the bank back in the future.

When using a credit card for transferring an online casino deposit, the card issuer will identify this payment as a cash advance. The difference between paying just for purchases with your credit card hugely regards as little as you pay the card balance off in full before the due date there would be no additional charges.When using a credit card as a casino payment option, you will be automatically charged interest. As well you should be aware of the so-called ‘handle fee’ which is very likely to occur and will cost you a percentage of the deposited amount you transfer to the casino.

What are the differences between credit and debit card?

Debit cards, on the other hand, will cost you no such charges whatsoever. If you would like work around all the fees, you are faced while dealing with transferring money to a casino you should consider the e-wallet options as a reliable and high no cost alternative. One of the best e-wallet service providers is PayPal. All you have to do to fund your PayPal account with your credit card is choose e-wallet as a online casino payment method. We will get into great details on how to fund your newly created PayPal account so do not worry if this sounds too complicated.

Choosing your credit card as a payment option at the casino

The first credit card was introduced in the UK by Barclaycard in 1966. So as we mentioned it is more reasonable to opt for debit card online casino payment methods, but if there are no other options and only the credit card can do the job for you, here is some information that we think you will find useful before depositing anything.

There are three most common credit card online casino payment methods processors. These are Visa, MasterCard and American Express and all of these service providers will give you all the security and usability extras:

Most common credit cards providers are Visa, MasterCard and American Express
  • Credit cards are known for their easy of use;
  • The option to pay with your credit card is accepted almost everywhere;
  • And if you lose your card you should be assured that you are fully covered by the institution issued your credit card;

Having a debit card will give you breathing room when it comes calculating transactional fees

People owning debit cards are enjoying the flexibility of being able to purchase online and with added security and the convenience of not carrying large amounts of cash with yourself. And since the global credit crisis, more people are actively using their debit cards to cut on spending and not having to look again for getting again in debt.

Debit cards are the best online casino payment methods option hassle and additional charges free. The money you are transferring to the casino is coming directly from your bank account without any fees to top on the transmission. The main debit card processors are Mastercard Debit, Visa Debit, Maestro and Visa Electron. There are significant advantages to using a debit card and we listed them below:

Debit cards are the best option for online casino deposit
  • Quick and simple to use;
  • Your debit card will be accepted everywhere in the world;
  • There are no hidden charges from the issuer;
  • More advanced card issuers could detect when your card is under a fraud attack;

If you do not want your personal finance information to be linked to the casino, then the e-wallet option is for you

Many people around the world would not prefer using the services of a bank regarding having a credit or debit card at all. Although top casinos are constantly doing their best to reinsure the safety of their best casino payment options even working alongside with banks a lot of people would prefer the use of e-wallets or prepaid cards.

If you are new to the term e-wallet in simple terms is an account that can hold money. Just like a real physical wallet you can take some cash or put money in it. Or sharing your financial and personal data while choosing for an e-wallet casino, payment method has become very popular among customers of online casino withdraw methods. This is because e-wallet users would not like a casino or an online retail store to have their financial data stored on their servers.

Paypal is the biggest e-wallet available for deposit in online casino One of the big names in e-wallet services is PayPal. Owned by Ebay in 2013 PayPal alone had transactions valued at £114 billion in 193 countries with 26 currencies. With their 70 million user base, they are the true giant in the e-commerce world. Registration is simple, straightforward and just following the easy on-screen instructions your registration will be done in just about 5 minutes.

There are as well many other alternatives to PayPal all of which are giving you the same e-wallet service with a bit of their special twist. Here is a list of the most popular ones when it comes to the best casino payment options:

Skrill and Paysafe are other option for online casino payments
  • Skrill is becoming very popular and being accepted at over 156,000 online businesses globally as well as many casinos are going to choice after PayPal for e-commerce service. One great option Skrill provides to its customer base is the Mastercard prepaid card which for €10 per year will give you the opportunity to use the Mastercard services without actually owning a card supported by Mastercard.
  • Paysafe is another version of a prepaid card payment method as Ukash and Skrill, and you can get one of these prepaid cards from the 450,000 and growing outlets available. Upon purchasing your Paysafe card, you will receive a 16-digit PIN which you will have to enter every time you want to make a purchase at an online store or chose an e-wallet online casino payment methods.

After you have decided your payment method be sure to follow these simple security steps

An increasing number of people online are receiving suspicious e-mails redirecting them to websites which then would ask for identity confirmation. Sometimes these e-mails will look legitimate. However, when you are asked to confirm your account details contact the company or casino where you have made your account to verify whether your account needs attention or you have become a victim of identity theft or the so-called phishing scheme.

Is it safe to deposit money at an online casino?Another method used by dishonest people is vishing. A person would call you and introduce as a bank clerk, fraud investigation officer or even the police. Then the caller would then try to obtain personal information from you such as credit/debit card details, your bank account details, pin codes and other personal information like name, date of birth, mother’s maiden name and address. If you fall for it, you would have given these criminals access to your personal finances, change your card details, apply for new credit or only buy items from online stores. So to keep your personality and finances intact while online be sure to remember these steps:

  • Be very aware of any unsolicited phone calls;
  • One thing is sure most financial organizations will indicate what type of information they would like you to provide the information they may request. However, none will make an inquiry for you PIN code;

Fees that you have to consider when you deposit money at the casino

As we said above when using debit card usually you would no be paying any additional charges on top of your deposit as the online casino payment methods you have chosen directly taking your actual money from the bank account to the casino one.

Most operators will charge you extra if you decide to use a credit card instead. Bear in mind that all the charges we are talking here are on the casino side therefore if you have any questions regarding extra fees please contact the casino instead of your bank.

E-wallet services would give you the opportunity not to enclose personal information while paying with this best casino payment options. However, some online casino withdraw methods would charge you a small fee while paying with e-wallet.

With all that being said choose the best online casino payment methods option that suits best your need at being sure not to enclose too much of your personal information. Before giving financial details, please be sure to check the legitimacy and authority of the online casino you are going to deposit your money. When everything is settled and you have picked casino game, the only thing that you should consider is having a good time and earn some extra cash!