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Most reputable casinos nowadays pay strong emphasis on developing some of the best live casino action for players. That is due to the fact these versions of traditional games create additional excitement and overwhelming experience among players. They offer something new and unseen in today’s market, combining the comfort of playing on the web with the vibe of a land-based one. What you essentially get is an indistinguishable interface from the conventional web-based games, yet the considerable part is that there is a genuine live individual turning the wheel or managing the cards directly before you. Additionally, as the innovation continues to reinvent itself, top live casinos suppliers are presenting HD streaming. The quality of the broadcasted material is determined by the internet speed customers are using.

best live casino dealersAs you may have guessed already, there are various administrators that offer live casino gaming. The main purpose of our article is to introduce you to the market leaders in live streaming casino action and help you pick the one suitable for your particular needs. Some of the best live casino sites take the traditional games you can play at any nearby land-based casino and placed them with a live dealer versions right on your computer so you can appreciate the well-known experience of a brick-and-mortar casino right from the comfort of your home. There is a costly concern about land-based casinos today, as you need to travel to one, book a hotel to stay after you have been playing and probably having some drinks. In the case of live casino online games, gamblers can enjoy the different game offerings at a time they would prefer within the solace of their own home. Moreover, players can choose to play from their personal computer or even better through a mobile device.

A great Line of Games are Located in the Catalog of the Most Popular Online Casinos

The market for web-based betting has never been this various, and the progression to even further dimensions is credited to the top live casinos online gambling. Having said that the popularity of this type is getting a lot of attention these days, as many new and seasoned players are trying them out. Live dealer online games are top choices both for players and administrators alike. Since the player benefits from the fantastic gaming experience and unique atmosphere the best live casino sites as well benefit from this as new customers are pouring in to try it out. The choice of games accessible at these best live casinos is always developing, and today we will highlight some of the most well-known live dealer games.

Live Roulette Games

One of the most popular games being played, thanks to the power of video streaming, is the live version of the traditional roulette game. It takes the random number generator out of the equation, so you can be sure there is no interference in your game. Playing with a live dealer will offer you the chance to experience a genuine roulette wheel that is operated by a genuine individual directly before your eyes. Betting is as simple as it can get identical to a conventional computer based game of online roulette. In the case of live gaming however the result is dictated by the arrival of the ball in one of the openings on the physical wheel. This makes live casino online roulette considerably more energizing and pleasurable, in addition to you can make sure that the games are reasonable and safe and are appropriate for both low and high rollers. Be sure to check frequently for live casino promotions to make the most out of your experience.


best live casinoAmongst the most well-known live casino online games, Blackjack is the one depending on good knowledge, strategies and of course luck. Different casino sites offer diverse variations of the live version of the game. Every game mentioned on this list has various variants offered to customers by different casinos, and blackjack has a few of its own. In simple terms, if you are familiar with the standard rules of the game, you will find these flavors in a way refreshing. The best live casino sites do not want to complicate a game that is known for quite some time. Moreover, the strategy here is to add some new features, so that new players would consider testing them out. One thing is for sure, slight varieties unquestionably add to the amusement. Most Live Dealer Blackjack games included in our best live casino list are more or less the same as the ones found in a land-based casino. Obviously, card values continue as before over all variations of the game and every gambling club and table have their predefined low and high wager limits. Players can choose from the conventional 7 seat table; a version where multiple players can wager all together on the outcome of the dealt cards. The live version blackjack game will offer players a chance to play with an experience dealer. Do not forget that you have the fantastic option to socialize with the dealer hence making the game more joyful. Adding to the joy are some great live casino promotions available for the taking.

Live Baccarat

Baccarat is a casino game that truly relies only on luck. Many of the seasoned players will tell you that the game predominantly is being played by high rollers due to the fact that it is a game of luck and it gives them a fantastic amount of adrenalin. Therefore, it is not a big surprise that the game is among the initially offered in live dealer casino segments. Every single genuine fan of baccarat will appreciate the live dealer opportunity offered at some of the best live casino sites. This is due to the fact that players will be exposed to the fantastic atmosphere of a genuine baccarat table broadcasted live. Certainly, playing live is superior to playing against your PC, yet there is not much else that is distinctive. Despite everything, you have three options – wager on the player, the dealer or on the tie. Obviously, the game window at the majority of best live casinos is pretty much the same. Therefore you will have no troubles navigating with an ease. Betting limits also have been designed to content everyone playing the game. It is a quick and fun game that permits players to profit both from the best live casino promotions available, and a house edge of around 1%.

Live Hold’em

best live casino pokerRather than ‘five stud’ poker, this particular game is a derivative of the one where you are up against other contenders. Players are set against the dealer, pretty much as you do in land-based setup and your point is to make the most out of your two opening cards. Using the mix of the five group cards, dealt players have to make the best possible combination to enlist them as victorious. The game is genuine beloved by many gamblers, not just in light of the fact that its likeness to the most well-known traditional poker game. Additionally this game offers a low house edge – around 2%. Keep in mind that you can use this fantastic low house edge in addition with some live casino promotions, and also to boost your chances. This great new feature made Casino Hold’em become one of the most exciting and entertaining games, offered on the live section of some of the best live casino sites. The best part of Casino Hold’em is the way that there is clear pay-table and determined payout for winning over the dealer. This is a great addition that brings down the risk in contrast to different types of poker.

Three Card Poker

Three card poker should not be mistaken for the traditional Casino Hold’em. These two are significantly different, despite the fact that they are both subsidiaries of poker. In the traditional rules of the games it is clear that 7 cards are needed to make out the best 5-card hand. Three card poker, on the other hand, uses just 3 cards in the search for the best blend. The least you can go of winning is by having just one high card. The perfect setup would be if a player has a royal flush (Queen, King and Ace in the same suit). The only thing that comes standard for both games is the use of a 52-card deck. The same is for the traditional Hold’em, after every hand is played, the desk is being shuffled for the next round. Three card poker offers players the option to play against the house with predefined pay-table and payouts. And in addition to the great set of rules, there are the best live casino promotions available for the customers.

Sic Bo

best live casino sitesSic Bo traditionally came from Asia and in simple terms means a precious dice. A gambling game, in which the result that comes is absolutely by good fortune. And to make things even simpler this game is played just with three dices. Players put down wagers on the end result on a table with every one of the possible mixes set apart out. In spite of for example craps, Sic Bo does not require strategy to be involved as the game progresses. Why do you need strategy when with only one roll of the dice the outcome could be either a win or lost for the participant? No wonder Sic Bo is not only offered as a live amusement, but is also a hugely popular game. Live dealer players see the benefits of not using the random number generator to make the outcome of the game, since a live dealer handles all the execution in the game.

The Well-Thought Software is the Backbone That is Needed to Make the Magic Happen

There is a considerable measure to be taken into consideration, regarding some of the best live casino websites, by simply knowing which the software supplier they use. The diverse casino software companies offer distinctive flavors of live casino online games, wagering alternatives and wager limits. In the table underneath, you can check some fundamental data about some of the leading gambling platforms being used today by gambling providers. Most of them are controlled by Evolution Gaming, Playtech and Microgaming.

Evolution Gaming

One thing is certain, different platforms give specific options for every single one of the players, currently playing live version games. On the off chance that you need to have outrageous betting restriction, you would be better off with Evolution Gaming’s live casino platform. They are the only provider that gives customers the option to play Three Card Poker against a live dealer. You can also find that one of the most popular names on the top live casinos gaming market is Immersive Roulette.


Playtech’s live gambling casino platform is considered as an extremely decent decision for the low rollers. These types of players can go as low as £0.10 to bet in the game. An extraordinary thing to mention as all the major and best live casino operators will give this low betting option to their customers so there would be no gambler left behind. Players that have chosen Playtech as their proprietary gambling platform can appreciate the standard live-dealer games, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Casino Hold’em, in addition to a specific flavor of Sic Bo.


At last, there is the live-gaming software, we are introducing to your consideration, coming from Microgaming. There are many fantastic points to be made about the benefits it gives to customers, using it. However, the service adds something even more compelling. Players can opt for the possibility to play against a live dealer dressed up as a Playboy bunny. Got you hyped? You can try all of that at some of the major online casino providers, just do a little research and dive into Microgaming world of fantastic surprises.

What Sets Apart the Best Live Casino Games From the Conventional Digitalized Ones

best live casino duoThe rules stand equally, the same as the ones in conventional land-based casino and the digitalized flavors of the online club gaming. The primary contrast is that games played with live dealers have a couple of extraordinary components that are set to extend even further the overall customer experience. Everything concerning the live dealer games, should be clear and obvious, for the participating player, in order for him to follow the game properly. Some of the online gambling providers in their live dealer section have made some changes in the overall flow of the game. One of these measures is the use of bigger playing cards for card games. Their size is doubled from the ordinary ones, and the suits on the cards are likewise improved and take up the majority of the space on them.

Another vital element is the camera point of view, used while streaming the live event. The camera edge must be set in a manner that it concentrates on the most vital detailed parts of the game, the dealer’s hands, or the roulette wheel. Currently some of the best live casino operators will use different cameras to make every possible detail of the game clear to the customer. Customers have the option to utilize various cameras enabling them to get the full picture from two alternate points of view. One camera is used to follow the live dealer movements, the other one, to follow the turn of the roulette wheel. Some of the best live casinos use multiple cameras in capturing the various seats on the table. That way gamblers would appreciate the game from an extraordinary viewpoint. One of the most popular features of the live gaming is the social component of these games. Customers are given the opportunity to cooperate with the dealer, as well as with different players too. That way you can make new friends in the gambling world while playing your most beloved top live casinos games online.

Perfect Things are Nonexistent in this World, so You’ll Find some Annoying Features in the Live Dealer Games

Things involved in this type of gaming can sometimes be viewed as a downside. One of them to consider is the speed the gameplay unfolds. It will be essentially slower, as you will have to be patient and wait for the dealer to finish dealing cards. And there is no option to make any changes, for that matter, as it happens in real time. Since this type of gaming closely mimics a real land-based casino, how fast the gameplay is would not be that much of a burden. At last, this type of live gaming will require a superior network connection. The game will need to send a video signal of the dealer continuously to your device. Since the evolution of technologies has undergone quite a lot constantly improving internet speeds, many players would not see this as a disadvantage. A good advice here would be to get familiar of the internet speed your supplier is offering you and compare it to the minimum the top live casinos require.

We can Clearly see in the Current Trends that Online Gambling is Becoming More Interactive than Anymore

Participating in a live dealer games at one of the best live casino websites offers an ordeal like no other. You can feel the energy of playing against genuine human dealers without leaving your home or while you are on the go from your cell phone. The main downside, however, while playing against live dealer instead of an electronic variant of the game is clearly the slower gameplay. Still many players are prepared to neglect that as the favorable circumstances far exceed the inconveniences. All things considered, nothing can contrast the genuine interaction between the dealers and the players. Therefore, it should not take that much time for you to try out the many live games offered in some of the best live casinos!

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