Land Based Casinos – A Legend or a Dying Relic

When it comes to land-based casinos, the United States of America is operating the biggest commercial gambling market in the whole world. There are more than a thousand brick-and-mortar casinos in total. Every state you turn your head to would imply its casino rules you will have to obey. In the US the vast majority of land-based casinos nowadays are considered as standard ones. In other words, these casinos refer to Native America gaming related to the existence of bingo halls and similar gambling operations.

The USA land-based casinos are more than one thousand

These casinos in most cases are situated on Indian reservations or tribal land in the United States. There are over 500 casinos that are operated by over 250 tribes in more than 30 states. A birth year for the Native American Gaming is considered 1979 when the first Indian casino was opened for players in Florida by the Seminole tribe. The profits earned by the tribal casinos have allowed the majority of the Native American community to become economically independent as by law the casinos have to contribute their annual profits to trust funds. However, there is more to be told about the traditional path land-based casinos have taken from their start.

It all started back in the 15th century with a tale of the Wild West

Saloons, cow bows, and gun-toting gangsters. Much like casinos have popped out from an old motion picture. British American colonies established the earliest land-based casinos in the USA. And as much as gambling was not regarded as a legal activity at that time no restriction was placed to regulate or even outlaw them.

Since then newly land-based casinos in the USA were starting to make a name for themselves. In the 18th century, a new version of the famous casino was introduced in New Orleans. Bets were placed then on boat races and if you were the more traditional player you could find favorite card games as well.

When the Gold Rush happened in the 1850s in California, many people flock the Wild West to try and find the precious metal. This only meant that more casinos would have to be opened as the newly rich needed to have some fun with the cash they had made from gold. And in no time San Francisco replaced New Orleans with its riverboat casinos only to become the gambling capital of the United States.

Riverboat casinos exist since the Golden Rush

However, as quickly San Francisco become familiar as soon the town failed as new and strict laws were put in place to control the gambling activity. In Nevada, The Golden Gate Casino was established in 1906 quickly to became the longest operating and to be the first gaming establishment. Before that gambling was illegal, but that did not stop people coming to Nevada to test their luck. The original building of The Golden Gate Casino is standing even today. Renovations costing $12 million were done only to preserve this remarkable landmark.

And while talking about casinos, we should mention of course the mafia. In the early parts of the 20h century, land-based casinos in the USA became the go-to place for the mob bosses and gangsters as a whole. People within the organized crime world were often seen in casino establishments and since Nevada made gambling legal some of the most notorious criminals had a business plan- developing their land-based casinos in Las Vegas.

Fast forward to nowadays the gaming industry is worth billions of dollars and land-based casinos are the ones getting it all. Americans are a nation that loves to gamble. And for that matter, a land-based casino can earn up to $100 billion in revenue annually! Throughout the country, there are 70 million Americans actively gamble which can only suggest that land-based casinos have come a long way from the British American colonies back in the 15th century to today times. And it is getting better!

If you want to have the best land-based casino experience try for the gambling, Mecca’s across the world

Las Vegas casinos have up to 40 million visitor each year

With up to 40 million visitors each year and billions of dollars spent on gambling there is no other place like the good old Las Vegas. The Nevada desert is one of the most preferred destinations in the world not only to gamble but just to be there. Vegas is known for its famous casinos that stretch for miles. And each year the competition is bigger and hungrier for players and is constantly trying to top its rivals. This game has made it possible to have the most unforgettable vacation and many new opportunities are offered to casino players in an attempt to make the most out of players gaming experience. Some of them would include:

  • Best odds for your favorite casino games are right around the corner. You just have to be on the safe land-based casino in the world at the right time.
  • In an attempt to bring some fresh players into the scene land-based casino will offer some of the lowest table limits from all the other casinos on the famous Vegas strip.
  • And if you feel that fate is on your side and the next game will make a big financial statement you can look for land-based casinos with the highest betting limits. You can bet as much as you want just do not let it go into your head.

If you cannot find what you are looking for there are plenty of alternatives both Downtown or right on the Strip. However, we doubt that something is missing in Las Vegas.

Atlantic City is next and is as glamorous as Vegas

Atlantic city is the gambling capital of the east coast

Another of the United States best gambling destinations developed itself into a thriving center for entertainment. Featuring casinos, exciting nightlife, and fine dining when you feel the need to recharge and throw yourself back again into the fantastic atmosphere. What more could you ask for especially when you will find as well the best odds for those who are new arrivals and does not have a favorite casino yet? Lowest and highest table limits are always an excellent way to find the best out of the best in Atlantic City.

When it comes to lowering the hype down Monte Carlo is the best option

Monte Carlo casinos are Europe's most elite gambling destinations

You will see yourself as an exclusive part of Monaco steeped in wealth, history, and sophistication. The first casino was founded in the mid-nineteenth century by Prince Charles III of Monaco and since then has become one of Europe’s most elite gambling destinations. In contrast to Las Vegas or Atlantic City, Monaco offers less land-based casinos, but they make up the quantity of quality.

Continuing with the glamor let’s turn our heads to Macau

Placed against the picturesque landscape of the city, land-based casinos of Macau portray a high contrast which inspires the admiration of even the seasoned casino player. The city itself had experienced a significant growth when it comes to the casino industry since the past few years only to become a new and most certainly one of the best attractions for casino players and tourists as well.

So is the land-based casino losing players for online ones

The convenience of gambling within your home where you feel safe and secure and with live dealer you can still feel the excitement of being in a casino hall. However, nowadays the benefits that land-based casinos in the world are rapidly facing the public.

Main benefits of land-based casinos in US are taxes, employment and tourism

First things first, the economic benefits are imminent. In recent data only in Mississippi 29 casinos were employing roughly 23,000 people. This will include jobs such as blackjack dealers, slot technicians and security forces. Land-based casinos in the state had paid employees $830 million in 2013 and the state is ranking third in casino employment behind Nevada and New Jersey. And since online casinos are employing fewer people for maintaining the offered casino services, fewer people are receiving paychecks which equate to fewer people paying income taxes.

Many players who have never played a game of blackjack or roulette online would not have a very clear idea of how they would change one of their greatest pleasures in life with an artificial version. They are finding as much fun present in the environment of the casino – the bright lights, the people in the casino’s hall, as they find in the little game experience.

Online gamers, on the other hand, will tell you they adore visiting online casinos for being able to play their favorite casino games surrounded by crowds of people. They would see the relaxing comfort of their home as the best place to be when you are most vulnerable to stress and anxiety.

In conclusion, whether it is a land-based casino and an online one the choice is personal and highly differs from one human being to another. You cannot miss the glamor of placing chips, taking physical cards – outside tables with complex symbols. If you are new to gambling, a land-based casino is perhaps the worst place to start winning. If you lose, however, you would not lose everything as you would experience the most exciting land-based atmosphere. On the other hand, online casinos are offering training rooms, where you can play for free for a certain length of time. Some pros and cons land-based casinos in the world and online casinos share, so it is up to the new player to find out which place is the right one.