Bonuses Also can Lead to Gambling Addiction

A betting promotion does not exist to help players win. Bonuses are the way to lure gullible players into wasting more money. Promotions are something to take advantage of, but they should be used with precision and caution. Most players make the mistake to waste a bonus the moment they receive it. Claiming a bonus is easy, but if you want to make a good use of a promotion, then you have to wait for the right time and place.

Before you play via bonus, check the site and the game. Go through all the promotion of several sites instead of claiming the first one you see. Once you are ready, you should decide on a game. Remember to calculate the odds and to see the level of difficulty. Last but not lest, remember that if you can’t concentrate on the game, a bonus won’t help you. The worst time to take a bonus is at a moment when you are frustrated and desperate for a win.

casino addictionA very common mistake that gamblers make when it comes to finding a bonus, is to claim it without reading the requirements. Just because you receive a bonus this doesn’t mean that you have receive a reward. There’s a difference between both, but some players forget it. Not all bonuses can be used the exact way you would like to. Requirements include the time when the bonus can be used, how many times you must wager or the size of the sum you deposit

Another factor to consider is that not every bonus can be withdrawn. You may receive up to 1000 euro or dollars as a bonus, but you can use it only for betting. In other cases you have to play several times before you are able to withdraw your money, but of course, until then, the amount of cash will be less. That is why players should consider the difference between the money in their account they can bet with and the money they can withdraw.

Some cash bonuses allow access only to certain games. Many gamblers make the mistake to play a game where the bonus they have claimed can’t be used, which of course means that they are spending money from their account, without realizing it.

People who don’t know how to limit the cash they spend, waste a lot of money on deposit bonuses, just to claim an extra betting option. The problem is that once they use up the bonus they are ready to make another deposit. The trickiest ones in this case are the percentage bonuses. Their nature is simple – the more money you deposit, the bigger the promotion you receive. This is the quickest way to end up with an empty gambling account.

Bonuses can be dangerous for the ones who¬†do not understand them. Such betting promotions give the inexperienced players a fake feeling of self confidence. The effect is that gamblers forget about the risk and start playing carefree, thinking they have nothing to lose as long as they can claim a bonus. However, bonuses don’t exclude the risks of gambling.